27 February 2018

COLLUSION: Reflections of Rebashkin Case Judge

Collusion Discovered Between Judge, Investigator on Bezeq Case 4000
Hana Levi Julian (as seen in the Jewish Press) 
The chats revealed by Channel 10 took place prior to the remand hearings, according to the report, and show clear coordination between judge and investigator. "The question of corruption in the case of the Bezeq corruption probe is apparently no longer limited to the defendants, but has now widened to include a judge and an investigator as well, according to a Whatsapp conversation obtained by Channel 10 news that was revealed Sunday night.”

It seems the Buzz Word 
for this year is  
*This echoes the Rubashkin Case Judge who colluded with whomever she could to substantiate “her” pre-decided verdict (which some believe is attributed to the Obama defense team).

"Following the revelation, attorney Jacques Chen, who represents Elovitch, called for the immediate release of his client. . . 'It has now been revealed that the arrest is entirely illegal’.”

*Too bad this conclusion of evidence did not produce the same for Rubashkin.


"The latest twist in the investigation – for which two of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aides have been in police custody for the past week – was first reported by Channel 10 news. That was followed by an announcement from Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Supreme Court Justice Esther Hayut saying they would refer Pozansky-Katz, the pre-trial judge in what is known as Case 4000, for potential disciplinary action.” JPost

Ayelet Shaked has proven to be an honest Justice Minister for Israel.

"'Court Collusion the Worst Case I've Ever Seen'
Senior justice official slams judge for coordinating decision with investigator prior to hearing. 
'Its justice system's Day of Atonement.’” arutzsheva

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