12 February 2018

Nachamu, Nachamu – אם היו בני אדם מרגישים

Daughters of Rabbi Shevach in stirring new music video

Singer Yitzhak Meir in new video honoring murdered terror victim, together with victim's daughters, to words sung at funeral.

"If people could feel the sweetness of the Torah, they would be ecstatic and eagerly pursue it, because the Torah includes all the good things in the world."

This stirring new music video which honors the memory of Rabbi Raziel Shevach is performed by singer Yitzhak Meir, Rabbi Shevach's bereaved daughters and his former study partner, Rabbi Hanoch Wasserman. arutzsheva

לפני כולם - יעל, אלמנתו של הרב רזיאל שבח ז"ל, מדברת לראשונה
In front of everyone - Yael, widow of Rabbi Raziel Shevach zt"l, speaks for the first time

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