12 February 2018

Parshat Terumah – Message from Nir ben Artzi כ"ו בשבט תשע”ח ENGLISH


Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita
Parashat Terumah תשע"ח
11.2.18 | 8:30

King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, gathered most of the Jews from all the Arab countries, gathered the majority of the Jews from Africa, and announced to the rest of the Jews in Europe and the United States: The world's best Jews, the best Jews in the world, the best economy in the world, the best technology in the world, the best army in the world, the best synagogues and Yeshivot In the world, the best landscape in the world. All this is in the Land of Israel, because God chose it. It is worthwhile for all the Jews in the world to immigrate in large numbers, to settle the Negev with a million Jews, the Western Galilee, a million Jews, the Golan Heights, a million Jews, Judea, Samaria and Binyamin, millions of Jews, the Jordan Valley and the Arava. This is the will of the Holy One, Blessed be He, and so will it be!

World floods, earthquakes, fires and bad winds will continue, large trees will be uprooted. Gog and Magog and chaos will continue outside the borders of the Land of Israel until the last Jews come to settle in the Holy Land. All the countries and lands that are working against the Land of Israel and who want to take parts of the Land of Israel - Creator of the world destroys them, quarrels between them and brings down the ten plagues of Egypt.

In the Holy Land of Israel, Jews are forbidden to hold demonstrations. Free hatred and civil war, talk in the media that make conflicts and hatred - nothing comes of it. People can jump in the air and speak loshon hora, but in the end, the Holy One, Blessed be He, determines what will happen. The thoughts of the Creator are not our thoughts and plans, and His plans are not our plans. So get off the tree and let the law, the police and the judges work, work and make order in their way. The truth will come to light not through demonstrations and hatred, not through conflicts or roadblocks - the Holy One, Blessed be He, does not want to.

There is a law, there are police, there are judges and courts.

Israel's economy is the best in the world.

Despite the heat - rain will fall abundantly in the near future.

Within the borders of Israel you have to keep an eye open, can fly a missile accidentally - be alert. The IDF needs to protect itself in the north and the south.

In the desert of Sinai, Egypt and Sisi are fighting Da'esh, and the most beautiful thing that Hamas has turned into Da'esh.
The Creator says: It is forbidden to pity the cruel ones! It is forbidden to feel sorry for Hamas and the Palestinians because they do not want peace, they want to harm the Holy Land and the Jews. All the money they receive, hundreds of millions, goes to tunnels and ammunition against Israel and what remains - the leaders take their pockets.

Abu Mazen is a liar, a liar and a fraud. He does not want peace. He personally sends all the murderers to harm the Jews and pays salaries to their families.

Egypt, Sisi works quietly. Today it is good for him to be president of Egypt, he is happy for his part. Anyone who came to compete with him suddenly disappeared. Sisi fought in Sinai only for his personal interests, so that Hamas, Da'esh and the extremists would not reach him, not for Israel at all, but the Holy One, Blessed be He, is turning and doing what will be in Israel's favor.

Jordan, millions of refugees eat it, steal, destroy and damage and do serious damage.

The United States, Trump is very happy that the Holy One Blessed be He, that entitled him to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A very wise and clever man who understood immediately who Abu Mazen, Hamas and the Palestinians were. They do not want peace.

Just as the nations of the world declared the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Trump was given the gift of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and this is an open gift to the Holy Land, and he will be rewarded by the Lord of the Universe. The world that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and will never return!

Russia has a vested interest, maintains its economy with ten fingers, sells ammunition and weapons to all the Arab states.

Syria will continue to be erased. We will say every week that it will be erased - and it will continue to be erased. This is the mire and destruction of all the Arab states, which will be destroyed inside Syria.

North Korea, Kim is looking for a ladder to get off the tree. He joined South Korea to get oil and fuel, to trade with them. Because of his follies he does not know how to be humble.

Turkey, worse every day than yesterday. Complications inside Syria, and every day many Turks, and many Syrians, Kurds and Iranians are killed. And Da'esh lights the fire all the time.

Hizbullah and Nasrallah are trying to stockpile weapons and ammunition. The Mossad, the Shin Bet security service and the IDF do not give it to him, they blow up and destroy everything. Nasrallah knows that if he tries to do something against Israel, Hizbullah will be wiped off the world, and Nasrallah will be wiped out in his bunker. The IDF knows exactly where it is and there are missiles that can reach its bunker, to depths that he did not think about, and in his heart he knows it, so he stops barking and confusing his head, so that he will sit still.

Lebanon wants to be like Europe.

Iran is scared to death from Israel. The great wonder in Iran is that the revolution will be through women. The women will be revolutionized in Iran, it will take some time and it will happen soon. Women will revolutionize Iran!

France is being eaten without salt and controlled by Muslims and infiltrators, and the Jews make the mistake of their lives that they stay there: France and all Europe will become Muslim – deport 2,000 and 100,000 will come.

Nevertheless, the Creator of the World says to the Jews: 'Do you want to make me happy? Go up to the Holy Land of Israel where I am [from one end of the year to the next]. The Holy One, Blessed be He, purifies and cleanses the whole earth of all impurity, filth, evil and killing, establishes a new world of [abundant] love, in which the Jews [will] live forever.

The Gentiles know that there is a Mashiach in the holy land of Israel, a man of Gd, a righteous man. They know the power of their impurity. As they knew about the savior of Israel at the time of Moses - the same thing now. The Muslim Arabs know, through their impurity forces, that there is a Mashiach who comes to redeem the Land of Israel and the entire world, and that bothers them very much. As it was in Pharaoh's time in Egypt - so now.

Moshiach works and protects day and night. By day - secretly, at night - openly.

The righteous, our forefathers, those we know and those we do not know, gather together at the Baba Sali in Shamayim, crying out, and crying out that the Creator of the Universe will reveal the King Mashiach openly to the Land of Israel and to the entire world!

The Holy One, blessed be He, blew the shofar from the center of the Mediterranean towards the pure and holy Land of Israel! He began at first, then a little more, and soon there will be shofar blasts from heaven to earth! It's a great connection between heaven and earth!

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