27 February 2018

UPDATE Have You Thought About THE REDEMPTION Lately?

I’ve posted about “The END” and so have other bloggers, shiratdevorah, tomerdevorah, and of course, endofdays. However, I do not think many people take this seriously. I am relieved to bring to you the next adventure into the Redemption, the Geula, with Rabbi Pinchas Winston Shlit”a:

UPDATE:Geulab’Rachamim new link


Years back I started a project called “Geulah b’Rachamim,” literally “Redemption with Mercy.” The attached file begins to explain why. Along the way I got sidetracked, as do most people who get involved with redemption. More on that later. Now I am trying to get it back on track again, b”H. It is “Connecting the Dots,” and more.

The average reaction to this topic is usually one of no interest to only mild interest. Try and raise money for it and it falls even lower. “They" have to be coming with tanks and guns before Jews realize the seriousness of the situation. People just don’t understand how God works, or how to read Jewish history. It’s why we always get burned at the end of an exile. Without fail.

This is the last exile. This will be the final redemption, b”H. I’m trying to help break the mold. I am building a program, God willing, that will go international. I may fail, but not from a lack of effort. But I certainly will fail without help.

Personally, I think it is the mitzvah of the day. I will hopefully prove that in the coming weeks. You’ll have to decide for yourself. I’m willing to do the work. According to the Vilna Gaon, you can buy into it by helping to fund it.

This is the link to the temporary site. Click here. The real one is still under construction.

Thanks for considering,
Pinchas Winston

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