25 March 2011

Gog begins his evil plan and ... Ultimate Downfall

Prophecy spells out his doom in Daniel 11. Read what Rabbi Winston writes on the End of Days

From what I've been seeing in various articles and putting together pieces of a puzzle, it appears to me that U.S. Pres. Obama and his coalition of evils will (attempt to) invade Israel. I wonder if any American soldiers will defect over this, or will they see their mission as one similar to those misguided Israeli military who evacuated Gush Katif !? After all, the American people and US Congress does not go along with this. That's why Gog will go around the US and use the UN.

This is becoming as clear as glass.

If only Israel's leaders would get politically angry, and then act on it!

Hashem Yishmor!

Bless the A-lmighty for Shabbos Kodesh!

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