19 March 2011

Rep. Engel: It's Outrageous Too Many Nations Silent On Fogel Family Massacre


 "The cold-blooded murder of this family, the killing of children, is an act of depravity that must be strongly condemned.  It is the height of cowardice which makes anyone of good conscience scream at the injustice.  This despicable act not only destroyed this one family by ending five lives and traumatizing the remaining children, but it rocked the already-shaky situation in the Middle East."

“Far too many nations in the world have been quick to condemn Israel for every action it has taken in recent years, but have been notable for their silence when this family was butchered.  If the roles were reversed, the outrage would be deafening."

"I am especially appalled that within 24 hours of these lives being mourned, Palestinians publicly celebrated the memory of a terrorist who killed 37 people in 1978, including 13 children.  Until they stop committing these acts of violence, and then glorifying the criminals who commit them, there is little hope of ever achieving peace.  I can only hope that one day we will live in a time where these terrible acts are a thing of the past, and viewed with horror by future generations of Israelis, the Palestinians, the U.N. and the world.” Rep. Engel is a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee."

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