20 March 2011

WAR No 3?

"WAR NO. 3"

"Operation Odyssey Dawn"

Is this prophecy? The third war? WWI, WWII, and now, from a top online news site, War No III?

Not a World war yet, but it does involves major countries of the world, and the UN, in this coalition of France, England, America


Eisav joined by Yishmael

"Obama: U.S. supporting, not leading Libya military intervention
France and Britain take the lead in the international task force, as Qatar announces its participation in the attack to end 'intolerable' situation in Libya.

Iran warns Libya of West's 'colonial' intentions in wake of military strikes
Official says Iranian Foreign Ministry cautioning comes despite Tehran's professed position of defending the Libyan people's 'legitimate demands.' Haaretz

British and French jets over Libya. US, UK ships fire 112 Tomahawks

"The coalition of powers plans to expand its operations in the next 24 hours and then wait to see how Qaddafi responds.
The Libyan ruler last week threatened retaliation against the military and civilian targets of any nations attacking him in Europe and the Middle East. Saturday, he warned the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British premier David Cameron they would regret leading the group attacking his country.

"Western intelligence experts calculate that he may he decide to strike back at French and British Middle East targets by air might, missiles and special forces, as well possibly as hitting civilian locations inside France. If this happens, the Americans are expected to join the anti-Qaddafi operation using their naval and air forces."

"A seaborne missile attack on the Libyan coast was indicated by the arrival in the Mediterranean of the nuclear assault submarine USS Providence last Monday, March 14. This sub has played a part in every important US missile offensive in the last decade, including the 2003 invasion of Iraq as well as important missions in Afghanistan. The score of coalition ranged opposite Libyan shores at present include the USS Kearsage marine helicopter carrier, the Amphibious Transport Docks and the USS Ponce, USS Barry and USS Mason guided missile destroyers." Debka

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