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03 March 2011

Goliath and David

As war US and Iranian ships enter the Mediterranean Seas, with all of north africa in shreds, and the remainder of the arab world rumbling, Sir Farrakhan blames the Jews for everything, and calls Qadhafi his friend, but does he realize that it's his Jewish friend he's professing friendship and support? He thinks Muaamar is a fellow africaner, but no, even as King of Africa, he's the Jewish King of Africa, the black island of poverty and discord, that none of its leaders do good for their people.

You're wrong Farrakhan
You're as wrong as Bilaam.

I smell a war coming (chv's),
US war ships entering the Med.
Iran's warships up near Syria,
Arabs oppose US intervention
Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq - a new coalition
US asks Saudis to supply weapons to Libyan rebels
tensions continue to rise throughout the Arab regions

The NWO and the NGO's want to control the Mediterranean region
They want to encircle Israel
And cause her to lose her individuality
her status as a Jewish Nation
Because this is anathema to
a New World Monarchy

Get all the nations under one umbrella
The New World Order
Erase Nationalism
Erase Nations
Control by a select few

Too many people in the world
Too many starving in the world
Control the world
Control who gets food
Who gets energy
Who has the money

But little Eretz Yisrael is defiant
It wants to remain a Jewish Nation
Israel is G-d's chosen
She will not acquiesce
She will await her mighty redemption
Albeit amidst turmoil and anguish
And the World's conversion

1 comment:

yaak said...

I smell a war coming too.

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