15 June 2021


Rabbi Alon Anava in his video on the Erev Rav, said something that was very important and very relevant to what has happened politically. (Of course he says a lot of important things, but this jumped out at me)

He said (when discussing **Moshe Rabbeinu [Mashiach] and his connection to the Erev Rav) that Erev Rav without Amalekim within it has a chance for “true reform” i.e. teshuva. We have just witnessed, in my opinion, the separation out of the Erev Rav elements relating to the DS (CFR et al.) 

Therefore, the present government is composed of Erev Rav and Torah Jews.

We are witnessing another dramatic change in our path to the Geulah Shleima.

If my sources are correct, there is a similar undercurrent in America that is also making huge changes. 

Together we are witnessing another move by HaShem in His total *control of events. 

Time will be our guide and hopefully a disclosure.


* 2 major shifts with more to come IY”H: the Fauci emails (this signals the rupture and slow demise of the stranglehold of the medical maphia, and the installation of the new Israeli Govt.

** It will be Moshe Rabbeinu who returns as Mashiach (and he will deal with the Erev Rav once again). This is my understanding of only a minute inyan he discussed about Moshe/Mashiach.

fn: It could even be proposed that the religious being out of the govt is a good sign, for these failed politicians to now concentrate on their own neshomas and to get back to being totally Torah observant, spending their days in the Beis Medrash glued to Hashem’s Torah. Otherwise they may be very destructive. But this is my opinion. 


moshe said...

Looking at what has happened in the U.S. and now almost the same thing in Israel. Sometimes, do think that this is all part of the world agenda; they are extremely clever. Maybe, they are playing all of us, everyone. This reminds me of good cop/bad cop! All a game that if the first set of players lose, for a while, the second come in to bring in the nasty reforms (all sugar coated) and then because of the upheaval to the citizens of the country, the 'good' cops come back. Just a thought. Whatever and however, we must never forget that Hashem controls everything and is, thus, leading the way to our Geulah Shleimah (may it come with chesed & rachamim). HE is using both sides (all bad) to be revealed for what they are and to undo themselves. That's why everything is getting darker and crazier, because it will ONLY be the light of Moshiach tzdkeinu that will usher in the perfect & real Truth! Ain Od Milvado!

Neshama said...

Thank you Moshe.

moshe said...

Also, meant to write that Moshiach will be from Dovid HaMelech, but will have the neshama of Moshe Rabbeinu!
Also, it is better that there are no religious parties as was because the truly religious should not be part of the 'false' political world. Only when we have a Sanhedrin, b'ezrat H, after Moshiach is here, will the true Tzadikim judge and be a true supreme court.

Neshama said...

You’re right that its better for the religious/frum Jews to stay out of politics, even to fight them, because Hashem will take over soon.