13 June 2021

דברים מבהילים שאמר הרב ליבוביץ זצק"ל שיקרו לפני הגאולה ומסר לרב אהרון שטרן שליט"א



Scary things that Rabbi Leibowitz said before the redemption and he gave to Rabbi Aharon Stern Shlita

It is known that the bridges within the DNA are at distances of 10, 5,6,5 ... that is, like the name of the Creator of the world and it is found in every coil of DNA at these distances in one cell in the body so imagine how many times the signature of the Creator appears in every cell and cell in the human body !!! Now the vaccine contains RNA that is supposed to disrupt and otherwise arrange these bridges in the cells of the human body ... that is, the Creator's signature on our body will be removed / disrupted !!!!!!!!!! Everyone who is vaccinated actually disconnects from the Creator of the world and there is probably no way back ... The same person who puts this substance into his body will probably no longer be in the image of the Creator. (And this is in addition to the 22 side effects of the vaccine)


It will be said to the credit of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, who also said it a long time ago.

There will come a time when the planes will not fly. There will be viruses. (A virus and its mutations) And if Jews do not return from abroad, they will come in the end without anything. Because of anti-Semitism ... and has been calling for many years for Jews abroad to immigrate

And he constantly wishes Iran that the bombs would explode on them in factories. .


moshe said...

Thanks for this Excellent info for all the world to see; too bad, so much is covered up. Wondering why these brilliant words from the holy Rav were not shown earlier so many would never have taken the samm. The MSM probably didn't allow it to get through. What can we say other than pleading to H' that HE send us our Goel Tzedek as soon as possible!

Tikvah Ruth said...

Moshe, I don't know if that would have made a difference. So much proof was given, both medical as well as holy rabbanim warning of the dangers, yet many ignored the warnings.
We need Moshiach now.
Tikvah Ruth