13 June 2021

Quite an Ambitious Agenda For The New Government . . . Take Notice

As Rabbi Kessin revealed in his latest video, Naftali Bennett is a businessman, the same way that DJ Trump is a businessman; therefore, there will be a different perspective leading this coalition. And the other point of recognition, Bennett is an observant Jew, wearing a kippa (no matter the size), and a shomer shabbos Jew (in the position of leading a mostly anti-religious government. Two very interesting things to keep in mind.  [me: of course this was designed by Hashem, in His plan to bring His children thru the Geula]

Key principles outlined in the coalition agreement and basic documents of the Unity Government:

  • The Ministry of Digital Affairs, the Ministry of Water, the Ministry of Community Promotion, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs - will be closed.
  • The establishment of a state inquiry to investigate the disaster on Mount Meron.

Matters concerning daily life in Israel:

  • Construction of 2 hospitals - in the Negev and the Galilee.
  • Establishment of an additional airport.
  • Establishment of a university in the Galilee.
  • Establishment of a budget for the unfunded students at Ariel University.
  • Overall plan for transportation in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley.
  • Promotion of a national plan for strengthening and development of the northern Israel.
  • Set annual additions to the basket of health services for the purpose of providing additional medicines, equipment, and medical technologies.
  • Assistance for the hotel and tourism industry in light of the Corona crisis, including: tax relief, flexible furlough, and compensation for new businesses.
  • Promoting a program to eradicate crime in the Arab sector.
  • Increasing income support allowance for the elderly to 70% of the minimum wage.
  • Legislation of the Welfare Services for Persons with Disabilities Law, along with encouraging the use of sign language.
  • Promoting reform and implementing additional measures for IDF veterans with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Establishment of an emergency system for women in crisis.
  • Promoting the deployment of fiber-optic cables in the periphery and in the Arab sector.
  • Moderate the rise in the cost of housing, marketing at affordable housing, adding 300,000 housing units to the market.
  • The Government will examine a model of unemployment benefits for the self-employed.
  • Comprehensive reform of the Standards Institution of Israel.
  • The Government will work to reduce regulation, remove bureaucratic barriers, and promote digitization of government services ("zero paper, zero queues").
  • Setting a national goal for raising the number of high-tech workers to 15% of all workers in the economy by 2026.

Religion and State:

  • Creating competition in the field of Kashrut services, and standardisation in the field.
  • Changing the body that elects the Chief Rabbi of Israel to bring about the election of a Zionist Chief Rabbi.
  • Opening the possibility of conversion through regional and municipal rabbinical authorities.
  • The chairman of the committee for the selection of religious court judges will be the minister of religious affairs on behalf of Yamina, and the committee will also include a minister on behalf of New Hope.

*Apart from these issues, the status quo will be maintained in matters of religion and state. Yamina has a veto.

Additional issues:

  • Ensuring Israel’s national interests in Area C. Allocation of resources to the Ministry of Defense for enforcement in cases of construction violations and the illegal takeover of land in Area C. 
  • Splitting the position of Attorney General and State Prosecutor (led by Justice Minister-designate, Gideon Sa’ar).
  • Limiting the term of office of the Prime Minister to 2 terms or 8 years.
  • Promoting the enactment of the Basic Law for legislation.
  • Legislation of a "Recruitment Law" in keeping with that outlined by the Ministry of Defense (during the transition period, the exemption age will stand at 21). In addition, the introduction of a new model for national-civilian service for specific communities will be examined.
  • Increasing Jewish immigration to the State of Israel



ל.ל. said...
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Neshama said...

I think that’s just to discredit him. Part of the Lashon Horah floating around.
Both Bennett and Sa’ar say they are Shomer Shabbat. This is all part of the plan of Hashem.

moshe said...

Truth is, it all comes down to a lot of hot air. Doesn't matter that these Erev Rav say they are frum; their frumkeit is not worth much because it is a facade. I remember when Saar was asked something about the immorality unions or something of that nature and he was okay with that. So there you go, about frum and with Bennett, we know the truth. This guy was in partnership already the first time around (about 8 or so years ago, meaning Lapid). Whatever they are promoting, it's the same old bunch of fairy tales. Hopefully, they will not be in control for long, in other words, a short time and their regime will fall like many others before them. Moshiach has to come next!