06 June 2021

NETANYAHU: Biggest Election Fraud

Shin Bet’s (Biden’s Big Tech) Style Censorship

May I not express my opinion? 

Is expressing this incitement?”

Rabbi Chaim Druckman, one of the leading rabbis of the religious Zionist community in Israel, wondered this morning (Sunday) how expressing his opinion as expressed through the "Letter of the Rabbis" is interpreted as incitement.

"The rabbis' letter calling for 'doing everything' to prevent the Bennett-Lapid government - can only be incitement in the imagination of those who think it is incitement," Rabbi Druckman said in an interview with Kol Chai radio.

He said, "For months there were demonstrations in front of the prime minister's house - and we did not hear the Shin Bet chief say it was incitement, suddenly my letter is incitement. I did not imagine that anyone would see this as incitement.”

[. . .]  He questioned the Sin Bet's statements that there have been threats of violence against Yamina MKs. "I do not understand, what happened? What was the urgency of issuing a statement on Shabbat? 

Where was the head of the Shin Bet 

when Jews were attacked in Lod?


* * *

Netanyahu: Biggest election fraud in the history of democracy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday opened the Likud faction meeting by renouncing incitement from any direction.

"We condemn all incitement on all sides. For months they have been calling to murder me and my family. All around there is silence. Incitement is out of bounds on either side," Netanyahu said.

However, Netanyahu added that criticism is not incitement. "The principle is clear - incitement and violence will always be out of bounds. But freedom of expression is not incitement. The words of the Right cannot be treated as incitement while the words of the Left are treated as freedom of expression.”

"We are witnessing the biggest election fraud in the history of the state, in my opinion in the history of democracies - people rightly feel cheated," Netanyahu added.

"It is impossible to shut their mouths. Facebook blocked posts by right-wingers because they published the address of MK Nir Orbach for right-wing demonstrations and left posts by left-wingers who posted exactly the same address," the prime minister added.


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moshe said...

Look how obvious it is that this is a worldwide takeover in taking over all democracies. Wow, how many infiltrators everywhere that they are able to do this. Praying H' will not allow, b'myuchad in our Eretz Hakodesh, to be able to succeed in this disgraceful chilul H'.
H' is in control and whatever is happening will lead to our Geulah Shleima; may it be only b'rachamim aleinu v'al klal Yisrael. Let's pray hard that these reshaim will NOT succeed but will succeed in their own downfall! Amen!