15 June 2021

Rabbi Kessin – Why there is Darkness Before the End

Need to share my thoughts.

I viewed Netanyahu as part of the erev rav and part of the DS. I know others don’t agree, but it was an allusion that with Bibi there was greater religious life. It was an alliance of illusion. As we have learned, the religious life of many were destroyed (by a variety of factors). Religious life was being torn asunder from the outside and from the inside. Something had to disrupt this process. Also, the majority of the secular non-Torah observant in America are practically lost to the Nation of Israel (Bnei Yisrael). And the minority members of Torah observant Jewish life are being decimated by gashmius and weakness in halacha. Something also had to occur to halt this progression. 

We are truly at a very low level as Rabbi Kessin describes. It is heartbreaking to recognize this. Hashem had to ‘step in’ and shock us into reality. 

Both the 2020 Virus and the Meron tragedies have surely shook the Jews down to their toes. 

I’m sure many are realising that Hashem had to “klop on the Bima” to get out attention , and send the message:  “Enough is enough”. "Get a hold of yourselves, come back to the ways of our Avos and Imahos!” “If you don’t do it, then I will force you to!”

That’s where we are now, facing this new government with many in the Israeli Frum communities fearing a terrifying experience from this government of mostly non-believers, and anti-Jews. Will Bennett, Sa’ar and the religious members of this government be able to control any evil plans in the making? 

Yes, I heard Rabbi Kessin say that it will be the religious community that will suffer and redeem the rest of the nation. It will be a “yerida for an aliyah”!

I am not so fearful of what might happen. I think instinctively I realize we can only go up from here. That Hashem is in control and things will turn out for the better. And that our 6000 year clock is ticking away and everything that our Mesorah says, Techias HaMeisim, Mashiach, our Third Beit HaMikdash, needs to happen SOON! I sincerely hope to be able to see Avraham Avinu, Yitzchak Avinu, Yaakov Avinu, Sarah Imeinu, Rochel Imeinu, Rifka Imeinu, and Leah Imeinu, and also Moshe Rabbeinu, and especially Yosef HaTzadik. I wish we could all go back to life as it was so purely lived during the first Beis, with the scarcity, and the clothing, and the simple way of living. I feel my neshoma belonged to that generation, and I wish to be there again. 

This long long long Golus needs to come to its end, which will really be our new beginning.


moshe said...

Very beautiful post, Neshama!

moshe said...

Trouble is that Bibi was always part of the global scene, a member of the CFR. etc. and was working on both sides, the Jewish right and the global. That cannot work; he thought no one was noticing. But there's no difference here with this new team, except it will be worse and that's part of the Geulah process; getting darker until the bright light of Moshiach! Will listen now to Rabbi Kessin's latest and see what he has to say!

Shimshon said...

"Something had to disrupt this process. Also, the majority of the secular non-Torah observant in America are practically lost to the Nation of Israel (Bnei Yisrael)."

This is a crisis exists in Israel that is often overlooked. It's not just the shoddy education that leaves Jews here completely ignorant of their heritage (something Minister of Education Bennett didn't do anything about).

There a shocking amount of intermarriage here. Most people have absolutely no idea. People mislead themselves that at least Jews in Israel by and large marry other Jews. This used to be the case. Not so today. I would not be surprised if we are already at 1970s level intermarriage in America, when it was already a crisis. I am not just talking about the Russians, or the Arab men seducing Jewish girls. Israeli Jews finding mates abroad, and either marrying them abroad or even bypassing marriage altogether and just domiciling together here. It's all under our radar (but not the government's). A foreign gentile shacked up with a Jew here who have children together qualifies for some sort of residency with the right to work, even without a foreign marriage.

There is no doubt the new government already knows all this, because they track all this even if they don't publish the stats, and yet pushes for MORE, by watering down further what little exists in the way of standards, basically eliminating them altogether.

This cannot continue. So it won't, for much longer.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

I'm with you there...100%. So ready to return and to see our Avot. Let's pray that the night is short.

Neshama said...

Moshe, I feel like we have just rid ourselves of a mafia of sorts, the DS tentacles have been cut. We don’t need a “religious” political party and government, we need so much more PEACE in order to bring Mashiach.

Mashiach will bring the halacha to the forefront and maybe a council of REAL rabbis to govern. Our Torah is a guide for peace and honor from HaShem.

Thank you everyone for responding. Without comment feedback a blogger doesn’t know how they are received.

moshe said...

Great and informative comments, but the situation has been a disaster for a long time because those at the helm have been the enemy itself and that is why there are all these tzarot. There would not be any troubles from the aravim & foreign powers and all the criminality that is in the Land, IF the country was being led in a true Jewish way all along. H' sends us all the problems due to our forsaking HIM and His Torah. There once was, at least, a flavor of Jewish life in Israel, but believe since Oslo, that changed everything almost to a 180 degree turn. Moshiach is at the door, and prayerfully, all evil will disappear and the world will know that Ain Od Milvado!