13 June 2021

Special Tour To Ramla and Lod – by Sholom Pollack June 20


We will be hosted by the "Garin Torani" communities  of Ramla and of Lod.

These young idealist families moved to these towns in order to support a dwindling older Jewish population. It was they who  were the targets of the Arab pogroms.  We will hear their story

They will escort and guide us to key places in both towns for a fuller understanding of the past, present and future of  these beleaguered communities. They are determined not to submit to Arab  violence and Jew hatred in Eretz Yisroel. 

They are not abandoning the towns to the Arabs.

Join me  as we meet these incredible Jews  and learn what is really happening today; not just there but in our country.

These are unprecedented times and these are unprecedented people. Come show them that they are not alone.

We will also visit the magnificent memorial/museum of Latrun in the Ayalon valley.

Depart from the Inbal hotel at 9:00
Return 5:00

250 shekels

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