15 June 2021

Avraham Avinu and Chaim Herzog

 Should his grandson re-submit his Zayde’s Letter to the *coalition members of the new government of Israel?

When Chaim Herzog submitted the Biblical story of Abraham's purchase in Hebron as an official document to the UNGA

Chaim Herzog, the former Israeli representative at the UN and father of the just elected president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, sent this letter in 1976 to then UN-Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, to counter an Arab submission that denied any Jewish connection to Hebron.


Source: https://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2021/06/when-chaim-herzog-submitted-biblical.html


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moshe said...

What's new? They have freely taken as their own, our forefathers and foremothers, ancestors, etc. It didn't seem to matter to the leaders because they really have no real connection to our ancestors because most are Erev Rav, so it was easy to give away. Would someone not do everything for their parents, their loved ones going all the way back since time began? Since they don't have a connection to Chevron, etc., it's easy to make a deal and trade our greatest treasures.
But, all our sacred places, everything that is ours will come back to us! There is no force on earth that can change that. Hashem is in control!