29 June 2021

Rabbi Kessin – THE END OF TIME (Audio)

It’s very difficult to just relax and sleep at night, knowing that so many Yidden are not with us any longer, sandwiched between layers of concrete and ‘stuff’.  I retire at night thinking of what happened, and these people, and wake in the morning thinking of what happened and those Neshomos.

If I can say, at least they were sleeping and if awakened by noise perhaps thought it a dream until they no longer were able.

The many many years of this Golus have been too too long, and now we are facing what might be the end of this travail. So many of us believing Jews are aware of what this means and might mean for our coming days and months. We only hope that the other estranged Jews feel some “pachad” and come awake after learning what happened to their brothers and sisters in Miami. Hopefully they will return to G–D, and begin their path back to Hashem and our Mesorah.

The End of Time is Now


moshe said...

Amen! Very touching, your beautiful prologue. Moshiach MUST come ASAP! Praying all the time that it be with 'great Rachmim'!

Leah said...

Amen. I too shudder to think of what happened to these beautiful neshamos....