06 June 2021

Bennett vs Netanyahu Square Off

This is getting interesting

As Reb Dov bar Leib commented (paraphrased), ‘sit back and watch HaShem run the show over the next few months’.


Hamas leader: ‘God has decreed we must attack Tel Aviv’

And then some

For two years, tens of thousands of Israeli leftists cram the streets around PM Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem, clash with police, break the social distancing and the mask regulations, spew enough hatred and loathing to fill up a cage full of angry gladiators, and the Shin Bet chief stays mum. One night, fifty right-wing activists get together outside MK Nir Orbach’s house in Petah Tikvah—an assembly which Orbach himself supported, in the name of free speech—and Nadav Argaman is losing his cool.

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