30 June 2021


The FIRST SUBSTANTIVE information, encouraging…not

The commander of the Israeli National Rescue Unit said Tuesday the collapsed bedrooms from the Champlain Towers South building are under 13 to 16 feet of concrete.

“This building collapsed very, very badly, if I can use this word, because it collapsed into itself. And the bedrooms that we are looking for, because the people [slept] in the bedrooms are under four or five meters of concrete,” Col. Golan Vach, commander of the Israeli National Rescue Unit, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tuesday.

Vach said his team is comprised of 15 people who are mostly engineers and search and rescue experts. He said his team found new spaces in the rubble to search Monday and Tuesday.

“So there is still hope,” Vach said. “Until one week, I have a solid hope that we will find someone. After one week, it’s minor.”

He said he had never seen a collapse like the one at Champlain Towers South.

“This is the most difficult site I have ever worked but I still have hope,” Vach said noting there are “major dangers and issues that we must consider when we enter rescuers into this site.”


This is the THIRD LARGEST Building (demolition) in the entire US (Oklahoma and NY being the other two).

Over THREE MILLION Pounds Of Concrete Removed From Condo Collapse Site

Interview with Col. Zach

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