08 June 2021

New Government Hostile to Religious and Yeshiva Lifestyle

About the New Government Coalition Agreements:

Yated Ne'eman described the coalition agreements as a "ram of iron which gores at the walls of religion," while a subtitle claimed that "the wheels have evil have begun to move.”

Hamodia claimed that "the basic principles threaten what is holy to Israel," and in a subtitle called the Draft Law, requirement to teach the core curriculum, public transportation on Shabbat (the Sabbath), the Western Wall Plan, and other issues "part of the decrees of destruction by a hostile government."


moshe said...

The answer here is the nation must show by demonstrating they will not tolerate this evil in EY. How can our people, even the most secular Jew, allow them to literally steal their votes and make the 'holy' in EY tamei? May their evil plans be completely thwarted and disappear. Where is the mass demonstrations throughout the Land? They have abomination parades with thousands, r'l, participating and attending but to save the country and Jewish souls, where are they? We pray for the complete failure of this new tzorah being forced upon our people. They can only succeed (temporarily, of course) if the people allow it. If they do get in, it's a sure sign the Geulah is closer than we can imagine, but afraid of how it will come about. May it be with great mercy on all of our emmesse Jews.

Tikvah Ruth said...

The spirit of amalek needs to be revealed before Moshiach can reveal himself. This is going to escalate the geulah.