28 June 2021

Miami Interviews: Rabbi Sholom Lipsker Shlit”a, Bal Harbour Mayor ...PLUS PLUS

 He should be well ad meah v’esrim

As the Rabbi said, this was a very close-knit philanthropic community

The Paraguay First Lady is searching for her sister who may be in the rubble

Jewish community unifies to help families harmed by collapse disaster

Gabriel Groisman, Mayor of Bal Harbour: Families begged that the Israelis come to help

FORGIVE MY IGNORANCE, BUT I hope one takes this observation of mine with the sincere compassion it is made. I would think that rescue and search should work closer to the debris found at the bottom of the building, which happens to be a higher mound. Because, I would imagine that there would be more victims found there. The first ten or so floors would I am guessing are to be found there. The upper floors would fall farther away. 

I don’t know who is managing this “search” but it may be that the Israeli Team that has extensive experience would be allowed to forward their opinion about where and how to look. It seems, from varying comments, that there is a strong feeling of “we will take care of our citizens and we know what we’re doing.” However, when  you look at the videos of the area, and the men working, they’re not close enough to the building itself. 

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Here is a thinking man, a smart man, coming to an independent opinion:


moshe said...

So hard to read and listen. H' Yerchem on His childen!

Neshama said...

Moshe, I just added another video. MUST LISTEN. He’s courageously questioning the event! I hope that is what is in the back of his mind. BECAUSE the building came down like a “controlled demolition”!