25 June 2021

Warning Signs MIAMI UPDATE

Sudden stoppage of NJ building's Shabbat elevator sparks lawsuit

Elevator was essential for elderly and disabled observant residents to leave their apartments on Shabbat and holidays.

Eleven Jewish residents of The Colony, a 32-floor full-service cooperative apartment building in Fort Lee, New Jersey are suing the building, its board members and its management company alleging religious discrimination.

They are also arguing that some of the residents’ rights have been violated under the reasonable accommodation clause due to handicap with regard to the building.


Belgium to remove military protecting Jews even amidst rising antisemitism

Belgian government reducing military presence in Jewish neighborhoods and institutions across the country


Someone 911’d a Miami Condo?

From one video captured of the actual demolition of the back half of the Condo, one can see flashes of light before, during and slightly after the building “pancaked down”. I wonder who lived in one of those that 55 apartments? Was this a warning to the Governor?

Witness Report:


Witness Barry Cohen thought the sound of the building collapsing was "lightning" as he and his wife were asleep. The couple went onto their balcony, then opened the door to the building's hallway to find “a pile of rubble and dust and smoke billowing around.”. . . “I couldn’t walk out past my doorway,” said Cohen, the former vice mayor of Surfside.

“A gaping hole of rubble.”

“This was not an act of God,” Surfside Town Commissioner Eliana Salzhauer told USA Today. “This was not a natural disaster. Buildings don’t just fall.””

Even though we believing Jews know everything that happens in this world is known by HaShem, there is always someone on the ground responsible!

I saw somewhere that someone called this a “CRUSH” .... sound familiar?

Biden Admin. walks back recognition of Golan Heights!
Undoing everything Trump did for ISRAEL is their main goal. 

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moshe said...

Frightening that there's a chance this might have been purposely done! H' Yerachem!
May those still not found miraculously be found alive.