09 June 2021

The KORACH Coalition

This may be what it would have looked like if KORACH had achieved his coalition?

A new government to be sworn in. A government filling the cup of opportunities with contradiction and friction, not to mention the growing flame of dissolution.

Where is our Moshe Rabbeinu?

What are the possibilities for this disparate group of contradictions?

One could say that they truly represent the people of a 21st century Israel, a culmination of sorts of the Zionist Dream in all its warts.

Could this be a recipe, once and for all, under one umbrella, to pull together for the sake of peace?

Can they climb the highest mountain of diversity to achieve peace?

Can this turn into a V’Nahapoch Hu experience?


We should not fight them, allow them to squabble among themselves, and rip into each other, but strongly stand our ground on Torah principles.

We need to show HaShem that we are faithfully adhering to Torah halacha, and our response to anything to the contrary is WE DO NOT CONSENT.

Cannot one see the mirror comparison to that of what is poisoning America? The corrupt ways are being allowed to dominate in order that their failure be swift and thorough.

HaShem will move around the chess pieces to bring into focus the Geula and Redemption of the world.

But first we will be on a bumpy ride through the coming final days.

Shaare Tzedek = GATE OF JUSTICE


Rahel F Adye said...

I see this as the comeuppance to the "ultraorthodox." We get what we deserve. For decade they sat with Netanyahoo for the crumbs they got while he played ping-pong with Hamas, bulldozed fledgeling communities, took bribes. Now they're angry?!? https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/1981048/watch-gafni-calls-for-war-bennett-the-name-of-reshaim-will-rot.html?fbclid=IwAR1oe3AheNmQ_eDwxxc30GbW9fJh3qPuX-hfdDRp6cuduScQ9XJLtmhCDRk

Neshama said...

Rahel, yes all the screaming and name calling is purely over KESEF - NIS.
This exposed them to their hypocrisy.

moshe said...

Amen to what you say; let them implode themselves because of their evil plans and hatred of H'! Externally, the natural question should always be why would those who hate H', Torah and Jews so much want to live in the 'Holy' Land? There are many beautiful countries with beautiful weather, etc. The real answer is because they are determined to try as hard as they can to defeat the Almighty (ha,ha) so they can be gods and live by their own rules and to control the world. (think Nimrod) These are very disturbed people - meturafim! No one should envy them when Yom Hadin comes around!

Neshama said...

Rabbi Mizrachi said, that the Zohar says the arabs will rule us for 9 mos. and it looks like it is beginning now. They will be the DECISORS for everything in Israel while they are ruling.
They will be calling the shots, as they say.

לאה said...

It started in tevet. With Bid3n etc. It only is in the open now...takes us much sooner to sukkot. IyH.

Neshama said...

LEAH: It looks like “Nine Months of Arab Rule” beginning now, which takes us to PURIM and V’Nahapoch Hu

Gavriela Dvorah said...

This is exactly it. They wage war against G-d believing they can win and be gods themselves, ala Nimrod.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Dovber says the 9 months began already. He believes we'll enter the final trimester around 17 Tammuz.

moshe said...

I personally think that the 9 month rulership by the reshaim had already begun because it has been under the control of the ptb's and now Yishmael will have some time in this process; in other words, praying that by Sukkot, it will be the ultimate Gog u'Magog, where H' takes over! May it already be, because we have all had enough of this insanity and the situation has reached bottom in every respect. The spiritual condition besides all the other troubles, is beyond cure on a natural level; only Hashem can fix this!