30 June 2021

The Vengence of Flooding and Destruction Continues

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#NDNews: Natural disasters news every day. Disaster June 29. Live news live about bad weather and climate change. Earth's pain will cleanse the Planet from the humanity. In the world in a day about severe nature. Catastrophes are here and now. Global warming is not far off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Believe it or not, this is Germany! Relentless thunderstorms and severe floods Late Monday night, Germany was hit by thunderstorms and torrential rain in the south and west of the country, leading to dozens of accidents and hundreds of firefighters overnight. In Bavaria, some villages were flooded, including Mömlingen, near Frankfurt, where the streets were completely covered with water and mud, many basements were flooded, the German news agency DPA reported on Tuesday. In Stuttgart, parts of the roof and several statues of the city opera house were blown to the ground. “I’m standing under the roof and very wet,” opera director Victor Schoner told dpa late Monday. According to him, some parts of the stage were flooded when water spilled inside along the lighting installation. When the storm hit the storm, about 250 people were present at the show, but no one was injured, according to dpa. In Stuttgart as a whole, rescue teams were called to Stuttgart on Monday and early Tuesday mornings more than 330 times, and train traffic was interrupted for several hours. The fallen trees had to be cut down and taken out by firefighters. The states of Baden-Württemberg, where Stuttgart is located, as well as Bavaria and Hessen, were particularly hard hit by flood-like rains, and dozens of traffic accidents were reported by early Tuesday morning. The number of people affected by the accidents was not immediately known. Seven accidents were reported on the A3 and A48 motorways near the city of Montabaur, in which one person was seriously injured and three people were slightly injured. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

NOW IN RUSSIA On Monday, June 28, a heavy downpour hit Moscow and the Moscow region. In particular, the metro and streets in the Russian capital were flooded. A strong wind knocked down several trees, billboards, and damaged shop windows. The roof of one of the buildings on Pravda Street was blown off. No casualties were reported, but several vehicles were damaged as a result of the incident. Also in the city traffic on the roads of Moscow is difficult. In some places, flooding has formed in the capital, and fallen trees also interfere with traffic. At the same time, due to bad weather in Moscow, the metro was flooded, in this regard, several metro stations were closed. Also in the Ramensky district of the Russian capital, a construction crane collapsed at a construction site due to strong winds and rainstorms.




Lots of destruction Two devastating tornadoes hit China. On June 25, 2 strong tornadoes hit China, damaging houses, knocking down heavy street structures and scattering cars. During bad weather, at least 8 people disappeared. The first tornado struck Baochang County in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and destroyed many houses. The second tornado hit the Guyuan urban district in Hebei province just minutes after the first. Some residential buildings and outbuildings were swept away.


moshe said...

Believe the Makot Mitzrayim have begun ror real. The Geulah is very close!

moshe said...

Neshama: Why did you write 'global warming'; that's all the propaganda the ptb's push. We shouldn't use their code words. In actuality, the world is being cleansed and is going through changes; I've said that for years that H' is preparing the world for the Geulah; these are the physical changes HE is making and they are using it to their advantage in every way. No man can change the earth's makeup, only H' can. We can make the pollution, etc. and then we can clean up but no one changes the climate, etc. There is no warming, in fact, there is a cooling.

Neshama said...

So Sorry, forgive me, I thought readers would know that the text is provided with each video. I didn’t write anything. I should have made it clear.

But it doesn’t sound like me does it????

moshe said...

It's okay. It's just we naturally pick up what's being programmed into our heads daily, with the 'carbon foot prints' and all that stuff. It's like calling the Aravim, palestnians and then we also take on the same words and forget where all this stems from. We all do that; just shows you how powerful 'indoctrination' is.

Neshama said...

All text was written by video uploaders!!