07 June 2021

WARNING: One World Religion –

Dovid HaMelech!  Har Zion!

מסר חשוב מהרב דניאל עשור ! אסור לפספס!

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moshe said...

Let's be honest, we've all known about this since that rasha, the vulture, was in charge, all behind the scenes and no one cared enough or did anything to make an outcry at this chilul of chilulei H'. They sold out the medina years ago but those who did will answer to Ain Od Milvado. In the meantime, every real Jew in EY must stand up against this avodah zora and it has to be made known to the whole nation. We know the evil media will not allow their wicked stations to expose this, but there are enough other outlets, so the people can unite and demonstrate against this evil that is being perpetrated against the G-D of Creation. We know, of course, they will fail, but to sanctify G-D's Holy name and for our sakes, we must do our hishtadlut. Amen!