21 June 2021

An Assessment

To find truth, one must search with candles . . . 
Harav Moshe Mordechai of Otwock 
(Chassidim Mesaprim, Rabbi Y.L. Levin z”l)

I had been wondering what this NEXT PHASE of our Geulah Process means for us, and what Hashem might be telling us. The following are some of my perspectives on Our Current Situation (with simanim):

Our Father-in-Shamayim’s Eternal Embrace

A very powerful siman that struck the world, after the likewise “tragic accident?" in §Meron on L’ag B’Omer, was the climactic embrace of the father of Eitan Biran as their cablecar was sent careening down the Italian Alps. “*A Father’s Embrace” insured the survival of his son, the only survivor of that tragic accident. There is a video [https://youtu.be/hKEOuusO8Hwthat captures the last moments of the cablecar nearly reaching its landing, and then the cable snaps and . . . . (its painful to view, but a reminder of how fragile our lives really are, if not for the second by second protection of Hashem).

Why did Hashem deem that the People of Eretz Yisrael must have a secular government headed by a Shomer Shabbat Prime Minister, and other Shomer Shabbat members?

Netanyahu had to be ‘dethroned’ in order to leave open the opportunity for Teshuva of Israelis, as Rabbi Kessin says is necessary.
Netanyahu had to be ‘dethroned’ because he failed in his ‘assignment’ by the Rebbe.
Netanyahu, in all probability, might NOT be found guilty; but if he is it is for the former reason.

God had planned for Moshe Rabbeinu to die in the desert long before the episode of

Mei Merivah occurred, for other more profound and hidden reasons. So God caused

events to occur that would result in Moshe’s hitting of the rock, so that He would have a

pretext to “punish” him with death in the desert and fulfill His decree

Rabbi Winston, Chukas, 

“The Holy One, Blessed Is He, “takes the wise in their own craftiness” (Iyov 5:13)

Hashem Shows Am Yisrael The Lesson of **Unity:

"If one takes an objective look – putting aside any open of its character – and considers what occurred to form this government, it is really quite incredible. . . . It is no secret that the only glue holding this diverse coalition together was … to remove Binyamin Netanyahu from … premiership at all costs”

"[…] If the truth of the common dedication to ousting Mr Netanyahu was enough to unite this group, l’havdil, but all the more so, the truth that defines the life of a Torah Jew should enable us to act with unity even while holding onto our many differences – the good and the bad, the pure and the impress and all those in-between.”

"[…]  this forces Torah Jews to look carefully inside themselves and determine what it is that truly defines them …."

Conclusion:  In Meron, Hashem showed us a powerful lesson on that very day that (retrospectively) the Talmidim of Rabbi Akiva stopped dying (due to lack of respect to one another) the 45 Holy Neshomos were taken to Shamayim (to concretise this lesson, as Rabbi Anava skillfully described for us);

What followed was a message from Shamayim (climactic embrace) that despite our ….  Our Father HKB”H wants us to know HE loves us and is watching over us.

And then we witness a “turnabout” election of a disparate group of ideologies come together in UNITY to govern Israel and Am Yisrael, primarily in opposition to the former PM that “ruled” for 12 years. The disenfranchised “anti” ideologies had had enough. But what was the real impetus behind this “coming together”? It was the failure of those 12 years (to stop the in-fighting) and bring the people closer to HKB”H. And to set the stage for the next phase of Our Geulah. Time is racing toward us to enable the End of History to Happen.

I see Meron as the Announcement of Hashem that He is taking over in Realtime!

“For what reason was the Torah given to the Jewish people? It is because they are impudent, and Torah study will weaken and humble them …
Rebi Meir

“But take away Torah from the Jew, and they revert back to being more arrogant than even some of the most arrogant people of the nations of the world. And not just arrogant, but ***cruel ….
Rabbi Winston, Chukas


Inspirational Reading:

* A Father’s Embrace by Jared Viders, Hamodia Prime June 16

**Defining Truth by Dayan Chaim Kohn, Hamodia Prime June 16

***Are we not now witnessing an incomprehensible “health” drive to change the DNA of Am Yisrael internally/chemically? Has the “Oath” to do no harm been superceded by an unfathonable agenda?

§ Compare the Israel  State Commission on Meron to that of the Arizona election audit in the U.S., both contain revelations (if allowed to surface) to shock the world.


moshe said...

Personally, cannot agree with this assessment. When connecting dots, one can play around with that also. There are always reasons; everything is being manipulated by the evil powers so can assume control but we know, of course, everything is m'Shamayim. When this group was fighting to get in against Netanyahu, the first thing that came to mind is that if they take over, H' is hastening the Geulah and HE needs a band of bad guys in. In my opinion, Netanyahu's greatest flaw (sin) was that he became a globalist (a long time ago). If he was truly dedicated to the Jewishness and destiny of EY, he would never have taken part to be part of that evil cabal. As far as Bennett is concerned, he is a 'practical' religious(?) Jew because it serves his purpose. He was in partnership with Lapid, the Torah hater, years ago and they seem to be good friends. Talking about unity, where is the Jewish unity when you literally accept the Arabs into your cabinet, government? Hopefully, this new set up will soon fail and fall. Moshiach is almost here. It might be that this government will hold until Gog u'Magog (maybe Sukkot) and the memshalah will probably join the nations against Hashem and the Jewish people and that's when MBY and our people will go up against these evildoers and that will usher in MBD. How things play out, only H' knows.
In the meantime, the goal of this new setup is to water down Torah Judaism, or literally to, c'v, eradicate it. Of course, that can never happen, but their goals are evil. We see already the ugliness of this new government accepting the reform movement,etc. turning everything topsy turvey so they can, c'v, make Israel just like every other country. H' wants the excuse (so man can understand) to get them to do so much damage that they deserve their onesh.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Unfortunately, when the onesh comes it falls on all of us.