22 June 2021

Oh, Really??

Do you dare use that language toward those falistinians that are stealing our land and developing it for themselves?? What hypocritical Antisemitics you are!! Purely political!!

The IDF is reportedly determined to go through with the evacuation of the settlement of Evyatar, after rejecting a construction plan filed by its residents.

In its response to the request, the IDF Central Command stated that Evyatar’s residents “violated the law in a blatant and grave manner, and this is conduct that can in no way be condoned.”

The IDF’s response also noted that what they call “Givat Evyatar” was established illegally and that everything done there was done expressly against the law without any procedures put in place to establish ownership or regulate construction. The Central Command also claimed that, “The establishment of this illegal settlement contributed to the undermining of a stable security situation in the region.”

And what about the EU buildings in Area C illegally built 
for the falistinians

Any regional instability created by the existence of Evyatar is no different from that created by any other Jewish presence in the Land of Israel, for the past 100 years. They didn’t accept our presence then and to this day they do not accept our presence anywhere. To drive Jews out of their homes because of Arab riots can only be called surrender to terrorism. They should be ashamed of themselves.” Zvi Sukkot

“[...] it is situated on state-held land, and only the lack of a clear decision on the part of politicians is preventing its authorization.”

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moshe said...

Why is it still called IDF? It is now the EDF, the Enemy Defense Force; they do not have a semblane of being Jewish/Israeli. The ignorance of today's Jews who think that 'Israeli' can mean anything other than 'Jewish' are just ignoramuses! Israel is the name given to our Father, Jacob who is the Father of all the real Jewish people who are called Israel.
With the disgraceful behavior on the part of the IDF, they do not have the right to be called 'Israel'. They must do teshuvah or just admit they are the true Erev Rav.