04 March 2020

DO NOT SPEAK LASHON HARA — Some Thoughts From Rabbi Kessin’s Purim Shiur

Rabbi Kessin always leaves his audience on a tremendous high.

After listening last evening to Rabbi Kessin in his latest Shiur on Purim, at the 1:30 mark approximately he speaks about the Corona Virus as a Pandemic G–d is bringing as World Judgment (and he thinks it is in response to rising Antisemitism against Am Yisrael).

Because the SM has been unleashed via this CV, it means that everyone falls under this judgment, and to mitigate judgment one needs to NOT SPEAK LASHON HARA, because lashon hara brings judgment on the speaker.

Purim is the one day of immense Shefa and one can ask of HaShem whatever is in their heart, and it will be *given. So this is an opportune 24 hours to seek forgiveness, and other matters that one seeks to instill in oneself, in ones marriage, children, etc. You fill in the blanks.

From Rabbi Kessin’s words straight to HaShem, may this be a Purim that sees the continued end to the power of the Erev Rav over Klal Yisrael, a return of the hearts of Am Yisrael to their Father in Shamayim, and with Rachamim applied to the Geula Shleima.

Rabbi Kessin said, the Election is only about the EREV RAV – to keep the ER from ruling over the Children of Hashem . . .

And that Netanyahu is the last obstacle to this.

He reiterated that 1.5 mil children in public school, are being taught curriculum of the reform/conservative values which is devastating. This is based on an article in the Hamodia. He said one can find it on the RabbiMendelKessin facebook page. The Rav said yes, he has a Facebook page but he never looks at it. I took a peek and this is where one can find info about coming shiurim.

On March 4 the Rav will be speaking in Beit Shemesh. So if anyone is in Israel you can go to hear him in person.

He also said that Rivlin has the power to give the mandate to the Knesset or someone else to form a government, [since the trial date is March 17] this is what he should do. This morning’s JPost says that there is tension between Bibi and Rivlin over this issue. Let’s hope that “something” happens to bring about a ‘sea change’ and we will see someone else lead the nation closer to their main purpose via a Geula transitional government, so HaShem can finally release the Mashiach for our Geula Shleima. Amen

*maybe not immediately, but is promised to occur

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