25 March 2020

UPDATED PLS READ: Save Their Lives, and MUCH More


67-year-old woman dies from coronavirus
Second confirmed death from coronavirus recorded after woman with underlying condition passes away in the hospital. arutzsheva A 67-year-old woman died from complications from the coronavirus Tuesday, Wolfson Hospital announced.

The woman had a serious underlying medical condition which was exacerbated by the virus and was hospitalized in the ICU with respiratory difficulties. "Our intensive care team fought for her life with great dedication, but her condition deteriorated and despite the intensive care she passed away," the hospital said in a statement. "We share in the grief of the family. They were notified by our social work teams."

*8 Hadassah staff members infected with coronavirus
Eight Hadassah staff members have been infected with coronavirus and are now in home isolation. Six of them had been working at the Mount Scopus hospital where no coronavirus patients had yet to be admitted. None of the eight who tested positive for the virus have shown any symptoms of COVID-19.

*Bat-Yam residents under great risk due to advanced age
The mayor of Bat-Yam has promised to support the family of the country's second coronavirus casualty "every step of the way." The deceased was a resident of Bat-Yam and the mayor has warned his town's citizens that they are under great risk to the virus due to their advanced age. He is therefore urging residents to be especially strict in following the guidelines of the Health Ministry.

*Culled from ArutzSheva “News Briefs”


President Trump in the recent Coronavirus Press Briefing stated that there are over 50,000 deaths from the FLU that is simultaneously occurring at the same time. RED FLAG! Are these deaths from the flu or from undetected CV? Is there overlapping of symptoms; or were they "CV asymptomatic" but experiencing "flu symptoms”; all the while we hear that COVID-19 victims may experience“flu-like” symptoms. What is going on here??

Maybe this:

Super-Vaccination Agenda
Perhaps the single greatest and most dangerous threat where it concerns hypertoxicity are the ever-expanding childhood vaccination schedules and annual flu vaccine programs. Particularly for the elderly, the yearly flu shot injects a panoply of biological and chemical toxins that are exceedingly harmful to their fragile and compromised bodies. This is exactly why so many older folks have disproportionately died from COVID-19. Their total body burden, after years of highly toxic flu vaccinations, is so high that the coronavirus disease simply overwhelms the entire bio-organism.

Most significantly, there are now strong indications that each successive flu vaccination will make any individual, no matter what their unique set of risk factors, MUCH more vulnerable to a COVID-19 infection. Some have even speculated that a variant of COVID-19 has been inserted into every flu vaccine. This is why 2019 saw so many state legislatures approve or attempt to pass so many draconian measures toward making all prescribed childhood vaccinations mandatory and without exemptions. These repugnant and treacherous legislative initiatives were obviously taken in preparation for the bioengineered coronavirus outbreaks in the United States especially.

The Super-Vaccination Agenda is a major piece of the overall plan to, first, toxify and sicken, then, control and enslave humanity. The highly detrimental vaccine programs being administered worldwide are quite possibly the main driver of Coronavirus Syndrome. Given the many adverse effects of vaccines, to include weakening of the immune system and triggering of various influenzas due to injection of viruses, the Super-Vaccination Agenda is certainly one of the main pillars of the scheme to bioengineer a full-blown coronavirus pandemic. A scientific research study, not funded by Big Pharma, on the direct correlation between COVID-19 outbreaks and local flu vaccination compliance will certainly reveal the truth of the matter.

SUPER-VACCINATION AGENDA: U.S. Government Colludes with Big Pharma to Poison the American People

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[I suspected this:]

Fear of death and fear of terminal disease are probably two of the greatest fears experienced by most people. The perpetrators of Operation COVID Pandemic & Panic know this full well and have intentionally played on those primordial fears like never before. The ensuing collective stress - emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual - that has been artificially induced is unparalleled in post-modern history.

KEY POINT: Every staged panic has a Fearmonger-in-Chief. Today, that carefully chosen individual is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases-Anthony Stephen Fauci. (See: FAUCI the FEARMONGER Goes to Work for the Globalists). The MO of every Fearmonger-in-Chief is to use utterly fake science, misleading data and false narratives to scare their audience as follows: Dr. Fauci is promoting totally fake science (Video).


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