17 March 2020

Encouraging Words From PM Netanyahu

These days I can tell you, citizens of Israel, we cannot hug nor can we shake hands, but we love each other and we care for each other. I know our people and I know the immense powers that are hidden within us.

 I was very excited, deep in my heart, to hear of the volunteers bringing food baskets and groceries to peoples’ doors, to see reduced weddings with people singing beautifully from balconies to accompany the bride and groom, and I was excited to see teenage boys and girls volunteering to be babysitters for children whom they don’t necessarily know. This is mutual support at its best.

The powerful partnership between government and citizens and our profound brotherhood are a great source of strength and spirit in the fight against the Corona epidemic.

Together we will stand, and together with G-d’s help, we will win this fight, even if it takes time. “

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