16 March 2020


From a Letter from Rav Kanievsky shlit”a and Rav Edelstein shlit”a to the Faithful

[...] Certainly, it is our obligation to awaken ourselves to the Fear of Heaven and to do Teshuvah, in accordance with the saying [of the sages] (Yevamos 63a), “Calamities only come to this world in order that Yisroel strengthen themselves in the belief the futility of ‘the strength and power of my hand’ of all the nations during these times.”  

Rather, we must have faith in the Holy One Blessed Be He who watches over all His creations, and no man is stricken by a calamity if it was not decreed from Above. And may the merit of Torah and all that strengthen us stand for us as protection and salvation.

[Rav] Chaim Kanievsky

[Rav] Y(erachmiel) Gershon Edelstein