15 March 2020

AMAZING Predictions by Two Authors

Two Authors Predicted The Coronavirus Outbreak Years Before It Arrived

Two novelists may have predicted the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak long before it took place. In 1981, author Dean Koontz wrote a thriller called The Eyes Of Darkness. In the book, he describes a killer virus named ‘Wuhan-400’ after the Chinese city it originated in — the same city where COVID-19 was first reported. While there are numerous differences between the virus that Koontz describes and the one current creating a global epidemic, the similarities that exist are uncanny. One of the big differences between the two is the virus that Koontz described was developed as a weapon and has a death rate of 100%. The Coronavirus only has a death rate of about 2 percent.

Another author, Sylvia Browne, who died seven years ago, wrote in 2008 a book that visualized almost exactly the current Coronavirus. The book was titled “The End Of Days Predictions and Prophecies About The End Of The World” and it described a virus that very much resembled pneumonia and would have an outbreak in the year 2020. The virus spread quickly across the globe and would affect people’s lungs and their ability to breathe. The virus would be impervious to all treatments known to modern medicine. It would baffle doctors. Browne envisioned that the disease would disappear as quickly as it arrived and would only resurface a decade later before disappearing forever. Browne claimed to be a medium with psychic abilities.

Source: YWN

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