26 March 2020


High Court Dictator:

[…] President Hayut criticized the Speaker, but said he could not be accused of contempt of court: “Absurdly, had his resignation taken effect immediately – there would have been no contempt of court, because he no longer had the obligation to comply. We could have taken a more elegant route, but … well. ” That was the end of her quote, honest.

[…W]ere the justices to recommend prosecuting Edelstein, it would have given him an opportunity to respond, with the entire country’s eyes trained on him, and, quite clearly, the injured former speaker would have opened a huge mouth on the High Court that took over the Israeli parliament in a bloodless revolution.

* * * *
Transport Minister Bezalel Smotrich (Yamina) responded to Knesset Speaker Edelstein’s resignation, saying: “Speaker of the Knesset Yoel Yuli Edelstein sacrifices himself with an admirable civic-mindedness on the altar of judicial dictatorship. In his resignation, the Speaker of the Knesset defended Israeli democracy and the crucial independence of the Knesset, and refused to abide by an order over which a black flag is flying. It is a sad day for the State of Israel.”

Former Justice Minister MK Ayelet Shaked (Yamina), who in the past managed to trim the justice system’s talons, on Wednesday night tweeted that “the High Court simply invented a non-existent relief and issued an order to the legislature on how to proceed. It lacks any legal foundation. They bypassed the bylaws, bypassed the law, and bypassed the Basic Law. As we have been taught by the left, democracy dies slowly.”

Source: JewishPress

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moshe said...

The Israeli unsupreme court is a dictatorship. The late Hon. Robert Burke (conservative) said of the Israeli court 'it's the most draconian court in the democratic world' (i.e., dictatorship). Why doesn't the knesset do something about it, vote to take away powers the court gave themselves. No one elects them and they are there for as long as they please. If it weren't so tragically stupid, it's laughable. Maybe, it's because most of the people in the knesset are the same leftist Erev Rav, as the court. Not enough good guys to outvote them.