22 March 2020

Health Ministry Official: Restrictions will CONTINUE until Summer

Over Shabbas I was thinking, What will life be like after ….?

We understand this Magefa (Plague) is from Shamayim and we are to reconsider our lives in our connection with Hashem and what He wants from us.

Many comparisons (Rabbi Mizrachi: Amazing analysis of G–d’s Moves) reflecting on the “restrictions” being imposed on human life impel us to rethink our choices (Rabbi Winston The Decisions/Choices we Make) we should dig deep down into our being and determine with full honesty what we need to repair, what we need to do (Teshuva) to rectify our neshomas. And now we have Rabbi Kessin to pave the way The reason for the Coronavirus Pandemic, and how to protect from it
  • How can our expression of Judaism and the way we were living before the Corona Virus Plague entered our lives continue after this plague leaves us, if it does?
  • How can we not rethink how we relate to the Torah and the Halachos handed down at Mount Sinai?
  • How can we not understand that this is the beginning to the next phase of our Redemption?
  • How can those distanced from our religious heritage not rethink their relationship with G-d?

Health Ministry Restrictions

A senior health ministry official on the staff for the treatment of epidemics, Dr. Tal Brosh Nissimov, estimated in an interview with Kalman Liebskind and Asaf Lieberman on Kan Reshet Bet that the restrictions on the movement of citizens within the public sphere would continue until summer, in hopes that the weather will do its job.

"The purpose of this big drama in the country is the low likelihood of stopping the outbreak. But this is a hope that will probably not come true. The practical goal is to allow us to treat patients well, that we have enough machines and staff enough to care for everyone and not have to sort out whom we treat from whom we don’t," he explained. (which is called “flattening the curve”)

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