19 March 2020

UPDATE: RABBI MIZRACHI – Spiritual and Physical Cure For The Virus

This is the Shiur that was not on you tube but on his FB site, B”H and now is on you tube (after some intervention from WH) we have some very strong advice and helpful information (see imp. notice below).

This Shabbat is Parshas HaChodesh – Parshas Vayakel–Pekudei

NOTICE:  As I wrote in post Rabbi Mizrachi Shiur from FB that the hairdryer method is rather strong, and actually a warm air nebuliser with some colloidal silver in the liquid will penetrate the nostrils, sinuses, and when deep breathing, move into the lungs which kills viruses, and is estimated to kill the coronavirus. However, even with this, if one feels ill and has trouble breathing, must see a medical professional and be tested.

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