22 March 2020

Hydroxychloroquine Being Administered in Kiryas Yoel in Upstate New York

Kiryas Joel Doctor Seeing Tremendous Positive Results With Trump-Approved Drug

The leading physician in Kiryas Yoel, Dr. Zelenko, released a video where he says that he is seeing a tremendous positive results from the drug that President Trump announced last week “Hydroxychloroquine” to be used to treat COVID-19 victims. YWN.

Dr Zelenko was featured in this week’s Mishpacha Magazine (TRUE ACCOUNT: What the Dr Ordered. He has a remarkable life, and his devotion to his patients is extraordinary.

Dr Zelenko expresses his appreciation to President Trump in a video. To hear his video address to the President and his assessment of treatment with the Hydroxychloroquine recommended by the President go to this link:  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW, highly recommended.


A 'Made-In-China’ Pandemic ZeroHedge.
Authored by Brahma Chellaney via Project Syndicate,

The new COVID-19 coronavirus has spread to more than 100 countries – bringing social disruption, economic damage, sickness, and death – largely because authorities in China, where it emerged, initially suppressed information about it. And yet China is now acting as if its decision not to limit exports of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and medical supplies – of which it is the dominant global supplier – was a principled and generous act worthy of the world’s gratitude.

When the first clinical evidence of a deadly new virus emerged in Wuhan, Chinese authorities failed to warn the public for weeks and harassed, reprimanded, and detained those who did. This approach is no surprise: China has a long history of “killing” the messenger. Its leaders covered up severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), another coronavirus, for over a month after it emerged in 2002, and held the doctor who blew the whistle in military custody for 45 days. SARS ultimately affected more than 8,000 people in 26 countries. Read more at link above.


moshe said...

It seems that the new drug which is being tested in New York works very well. There were already a number of people who were given this wonderful drug (used for malaria, & other maladies) and thought they were goners and by the next morning they felt like they were perfectly healthy. It's called Hydro?quine? Forgot the exact name of this medicine. Praying that this will prove to be the solution. Think they were using this also in the countries where they have cut the number of sick patients. Let's pray this works perfectly.
Another point to this horrible situation now in the world is that Rabbis should bring out the main point to this plague which is most likely punishment to the nations of the world that accepted unnatural laws which are against G-D's Seven Laws of Noach and which affects all of humanity. The only other time, H' was disgusted, so to speak, with humanity, He destroyed the world with the Mabul and since then, societies have never reverted back to the infamous time before the great Flood (caused by the same sins) until this past generation. Since this is a prelude to the coming of Moshiach, the world needs to wake up and repent and understand why this has befallen the globe. I believe this is the reason. Mainly, it is time that all of Am Yisrael do teshuvah and realize, we are now in the time right before the Messianic era and need to repent!

Neshama said...

Moshe, thank you for commenting.
The full name is in the title to the article. They are also administering Zythromycin together with Chloroquine (or Hydroxychloroquine) for a double whammy.
The many concise reasons are succinctly elucidated in Rabbi Kessin’s shiur. Please listen to it. VALUABLE INFORMATION.