24 March 2020

UNITED FOR PROTECTION: Buy a Letter in the Sefer Torah

In the times of the Baal Shem Tov there was a terrible outbreak of a dreadful disease in Mezibush. Men, women and children were falling ill to this rampant disease.

Out of desperation, the community leaders turned to the Baal Shem Tov and asked him to daven on behalf of the community that the plague vanish from their midst.

The Baal Shem Tov responded that the annulment of the decree was in their hands. The Baal Shem Tov explained to them that the solution to their growing problem was that the entire community participate in the creation of a new Torah. The people gathered took upon themselves to do just that and the Baal Shemtov instructed his Sofer to begin writing this Unity Torah. And, amazingly, as the Torah was written, the community began to heal.

In light of the recent virus sweeping through Crown Heights and surrounding Brooklyn communities, the community Rabbanim and Mashpiim have encouraged everyone to take part in this initiative. A Community Sefer Torah is currently being written and you have the opportunity to take part.

Spearheaded by Crown Heights businessmen R’ Berel Junik, R’ Zalmy Cohen and Rabbi Shloimy Greenwald, the writing of the Torah by Sofer Rabbi Moshe Klein began at a home in Crown Heights.

The Torah is being written with the haskama of the Crown Heights Bais Din Rabbonim: Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, Rabbi Yaacov Schwei, Rabbi Yosef Braun, Rabbi Levi Garelik of Crown Heights and Rabbi Chaim Schapiro of Morristown, NJ.

The Crown Heights community hit especially hard and many of our family members and neighbors are in need of a Refua Shelaima from COVID - 19.

The situation is dire. 
We must spring to action. 
Buy your letter now!
Let us join together to storm the heavens and eradicate this virus from our midst!

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