14 March 2020


All leisure activities to stop Sunday. Essential services to continue, there will not be a shortage of food or medicines.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Saturday night said that other nations were adopting Israel's policies of preventing the spread of the coronavirus and that Israel would be able to overcome the new challenge, and that Israel has led the coronavirus response around the world.

He also said Israel was positioned to overcome the coronavirus, which is an "invisible enemy," and that the government was using all means available to fight it.

He emphasized that the Israeli government would attempt to improve quarantine measures, and home isolation will be carried out in a much more stringent manner.

People should stop claiming, "it won't happen to me" and use better hygiene, avoid hugging and handshakes, cough and sneeze into [TISSUES] their elbows, wash hands with soap and water and keep a two-meter distance from one another, Netanyahu urged.

In addition, Israel will use advanced technology used in Taiwan to monitor those infected with coronavirus.

Revealing Israel's next steps in the battle against the virus, Netanyahu said that supermarkets, banks, and gas stations would remain open, but that

restaurants, malls, and other recreational areas would be closed for the foreseeable future.

Preschools and daycares will also be closed, beginning on Sunday, and gatherings of over ten people have been banned.

Calling on all Israel's citizens to cooperate in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Netanyahu admitted that the measures were not easy, and required the creation of a new routine.

Shai Babad, director-general of the Finance Ministry, says educational institutions such as kindergartens that were not ordered closed Thursday will be shuttered. Also to be closed from tomorrow morning, he says, rattling off a list, are malls, cinemas, hotels, weddings, group trips, conferences, health clubs. The entire cultural and entertainment sector, he sums up.

Moshe Bar Siman-Tov, director-general of the Health Ministry tells Channel 12 news there will likely be further restrictions to come after a raft of stringent measures announced this evening to combat the coronavirus.


IDF: Soldiers should prepare for month-long stay on bases amid virus outbreak
Deputy commander of elite Unit 8200 is one of 2,500 service members currently in quarantine; soldier in same unit reportedly tests positive for coronavirus

In a short statement issued Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces said service members reporting back to base should prepare to remain on site for up to 30 days.

The military said it would inform troops how they would travel to their bases amid reports that public transportation may be partially or completely suspended.

As of Saturday, the IDF has principally focused on maintaining its operational capabilities in the face of the COVID-19 coronavirus, but the military was also preparing to step in and assist civilian authorities respond to the disease in the general public.

“Israel’s emergency stores are full and equipped for a variety of scenarios,” Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said Saturday.

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