16 March 2020

KABBALA SECRETS – Corona Virus, Source, Moshiach

From the Coronavirus to the Secret Formula
Below are some excerpts.
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Two Viruses
By the way, the Chinese have just admitted that there were two different corona viruses spreading since the beginning, just as our initial analysis of the numbers suggested there would be, one far deadlier than the other. They are sticking to their batty story of the origin though–they do not really have a choice. They will never admit they created this monster in a lab.

The two viruses, which we have tracked since January and that probably have been around since November, continue to be evident in the country by country differentials in mortality rates. In the United States, they are evidenced by the far higher death rate in Washington and California (6.16%) versus the rest of the country (0.26%). It was, of course, exasperated by finding its way into a nursing home in Seattle where the death rate is staggering. As for other countries that have large data sets, we can clearly see the differing rates between Italy with over 12,000 cases at 6.4% and Iran at over 10,000 at 4.26% and South Korea on the other end of the spectrum with 7800 cases and a mortality rate of 0.88%. To be perfectly clear, both viruses are in all countries by now, and it is possible for people to get both of them, meaning getting one does not protect someone from getting the other. This comorbidity, at least how it pertains to individual counties is one reason we are seeing many counties, including Spain, France, Japan, the UK, Australia, and the US average in the 2-2.5% morbidity range. Also, to be quite clear, these are not just statistics, but actual people we are talking about. Our prayers need to go out to all of them and their families and communities. Read more Connecting the Dots Part 11b

The Beginning
Contrary to what the mainstream media has been telling us for weeks, though many of them have already changed their tune, the virus did not start in early January in a seafood market infected from bats, or from Chinese people eating bat soup . Nearly all expects agree now that it started in a Level 4 Biohazard lab in Wuhan, which engineered (weaponized) a chimeric virus from SARS samples they procured from Winnipeg, Canada. Moreover, they have been working on it since before 2015, as per articles published in 2013 and 2015. Moreover, it began in November, not January, and had spread to Singapore by early December. None of this information was conveyed to the Chinese people, nor to the outside world at any point. Furthermore, the CDC’s assistance was refused multiple times through February. And while China posted a digital version of the virus for virologists to begin working on vaccines and cures around the world, they refused to send out actual samples. Read More What’s Really Going on

Another word whose numerical value (363) is equal to “H’Moshiach,” is “Corona (קורונא), as in the the virus, whose name is “crown” or a natural aura surrounding a luminous body. The term “Corona virus” is (נגיף קורונא)” in Hebrew with a numerical value (506) equal to the first line of the 42-Letter Name matrix and the 506 times the 14 Triplets in the 42-Letter Name matrix are found in the Torah. And the ordinal value of “Corona virus (נגיף קורונא)” is 187, as in the 187 chapters in the Torah. Moreover, the original Chinese name for this coronavirus is SARS CoV – 2 (2– כוב סארס) and with the kolel its numerical value is 358, Moshiach.

Why the connections to Moshiach? Perhaps it has to do with the adage that we cannot see the Light unless there is darkness. Read More The Secret Formula

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