19 March 2020

The Golden Crown

Remember The Golden Crown?

That’s right! The legendary story tape you grew up with, created by renowned singer and writer, Abie Rotenberg has now been released as a full feature animated film that is sure to delighted the entire family!


In the village of Kerevan, in the great Kingdom of Voldania, lives a Jewish community fiercely devoted to Hashem and the Torah. Through his masterful writing, Abie Rotenberg's classic tape which has captured the audience for years is now brought to life using 3D Animation from audio to rich, stunning full color visual experience as never before seen, by the talented Shaya Schonfeld. With the underlying message of Yiras Shomayim woven throughout this story, this film is sure to be beloved by young and old alike.
[me: The Golden Crown (Corola)]

The Golden Crown is a beautiful, heartwarming story, filled with the timeless message of emunah and bitachon that have kept us alive through the ages. Featuring Baruch Levine as child actor and soloist, The Golden Crown, with it’s suspenseful drama and delightful songs are sure to keep you and your family riveted until the very end.

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