15 March 2020

Flu Vaccine Increases Coronavirus Infection Risk 36%

Prestigious VACCINE Journal: Flu Vaccine Increases Coronavirus Infection Risk 36%
Written By: GMI Reporter
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A new study published in the prestigious journal Vaccine, a peer-reviewed medical journal, published by Elsevier, titled Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season, reveals that influenza vaccination may increase the risk of infection from other respiratory viruses -- a phenomenon known as virus interference.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate so-called “test negative study designs,” which are used to calculate influenza vaccine effectiveness without consideration for the effects the flu vaccine may have in changing the risk of infection for other viruses which can cause respiratory illness, which the authors point out may result in, “potentially biasing vaccine effectiveness results in the positive direction.” They elaborate further:

“The virus interference phenomenon goes against the basic assumption of the test-negative vaccine effectiveness study that vaccination does not change the risk of infection with other respiratory illness, thus potentially biasing vaccine effectiveness results in the positive direction. This study aimed to investigate virus interference by comparing respiratory virus status among Department of Defense personnel based on their influenza vaccination status. Furthermore, individual respiratory viruses and their association with influenza vaccination were examined.”

The study results fly directly in the face of recent health recommendations that one should get an influenza vaccine to protect against Coronavirus-19.

According to the study, “vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.” More specifically,
“Examining non-influenza viruses specifically, the odds of both coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals (OR = 1.36 and 1.51, respectively) (Table 5).”

That represents a 36% and 51% increased risk of coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in influenza vaccinated individuals, respectively.

While the study did find there was significant protection with flu vaccination against most influenza viruses, including also parainfluenza, RSV, and non-influenza virus coinfections, previous research raises red flags. A 2018 study published in PNAS found that receiving a flu vaccination in the current and previous season may increase aerosol shedding of flu particles 6.3 times more as compared with having no vaccination in those two seasons.

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moshe said...

Good to always connect the dots. If one thinks into things and uses his logic, it's easy to see this is the reason they push the vaccines. It's the same with the overuse over the years of anti=biotics diluting one's immunity to anti-biotics. People tend to run to some kind of medication for every little thing instead of first trying natural means to alleviate whatever ails them. Today's humanity is so inundated with every foreign element imaginable, so no wonder we have addiction problems. In the meantime, there are powers that deliberately use this weakness of humanity so they can one day control them, r'l. We have to remember all is m'Shamayim and the time for our Geulah has come and H' uses the wicked to perpetrate evils just as He uses His 'natural' forces to create the destruction or great wonders. We are constantly being tested. May our salvation come now b'rachamim and awaken our people to see that there is only Hashem and that He controls everything! In the meantime, a Refuah Shleimah to all who need it and H' protect us from all harm!

Neshama said...

I just learned today that we are all in for a really traumatic future because of this virus. That is unless it is removed from the world by HKB”H.

moshe said...

Amen, may your words 'HKB'H remove this plague from the world' be prophetic and may all humanity have learned from this frightening test, for the world to return to normalcy but with the fear of Heaven and bring us Moshiach Tzdkeinu!