24 March 2020

A Sefer of Segulos

100% Worth the Purchase!

Can you imagine?
There is a Sefer of segulos. For sale?
Instead of putting the segula for times of epidemics online for all to recite, one is required to purchase?
Why not print the segula for all to be able to recite it 
Maybe to save lives?

The Ramban says this Segula is so powerful, during epidemics, recite it daily & the plague will not affect your body or residence. Rav Shimshon of Ostropoli (1599-1648) transmitted this Segula. Here, it is translated & elucidated in English.

The Sefer includes many other Segulos from trusted sources (click here for list of Segulos shovavim)

Segulos & Tefillos are in Hebrew. Instructions and explanations are in English.
Includes short biographies (50) on each Tzaddik that is quoted

Purchasing this Sefer acknowledges faith in the Tzaddikim that prescribe these powerful Segulos. However, nothing is 100% guaranteed, that being said, this Sefer is 100% worth the purchase! lulu.com

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