20 March 2020

Strong Emunah In HaShem Saves

This means reliance on ANYTHING other than HaShem could weaken the Neshoma, but BELIEVING that the source of ALL MATTERS IN LIFE COME FROM HASHEM is complete EMUNAH in HASHEM.

“All matters in life” means ALL that one experiences every moment of every hour of every day that comes to you is from HaShem and meant for your personal Teshuva soul-rectification.

This is a very lofty Madrega and only one who constantly believes and lives in accordance with this understanding reaches full Emunah.

It was the complete learning of Torah all of Shabbat that prevented the SM from capturing Dovid Hamelech. So the total immersion in Torah learning saves.

*This is what HaRav Kanievsky Shlit”a means when he says that Yeshivos not be closed.


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