17 March 2020


Strange, now, discussion partial lockdown. Stay tuned.
Correction: the 14 day stint turned out not to be lockdown, it was changed 
at a Presidential briefing
Following the Dr Fauci’s "14 day lockdown” Recommendation?

ISRAELI Officials: 'No way to avoid necessity of mass enforced quarantine'

Health Ministry officials insist total shutdown of businesses, enforced home quarantine, is the only way to curb spread of virus arutzsheva

A report in Yediot Aharonot quoted a senior official at the Health Ministry as saying: “At the current stage of the epidemic, there is no way to avoid the necessity of a widespread shutdown, despite the great public opposition that is anticipated to such a move. Those who heard the Prime Minister's speech on Saturday night should have understood from his words that the advice to limit public gatherings and maintain a significant distance between people really means that we should be staying at home as much as possible.”

“The situation in Italy and Spain is catastrophic, and other countries, including the US, are on the way to finding themselves in a similar crisis. At this stage there is no more room for hesitation. Control of the situation must be urgently transferred to the Defense Ministry and people should be ordered to stay at home, in order to curb the spread of the virus.”

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Professor Gabi Barbash, who in the past served as Director General of the Ministry of Health, on Sunday explained the symptoms of the coronavirus in an interview on Channel 12 News.

Barbash said the virus is "flu-like" in terms of its symptoms, but there are specific symptoms that most coronavirus patients will develop.

87.9% of coronavirus patients develop a fever, 67.7% have a dry cough, 38.1% will experience fatigue, 33.4% will have mucus, 14.8% will have joint pains and 13% will have a sore throat or a headache.

The vast majority of patients develop a fever, so a person suffering from flu symptoms but who does not have a fever is unlikely to have the coronavirus.

The virus attacks the respiratory system and, as a result, in the early stages of the disease it is expressed by dry cough, without mucus. The third most common symptom is a feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.

Prof. Barbash noted that anyone suffering from fever, dry cough and exhaustion should undergo a test to detect the coronavirus and stay at home so as not to infect others. arutzsheva

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