11 January 2021

The Wanted

The Erev Rav believe that their infectious vaccine "jabs" and anti–GOD beliefs will remove the corona virus? 

Only a return to the faith and adherence to the GOD of our Avos, Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Yosef and Moshe will cure. For Hashem is the ONLY מְרַפֵּא

While the democratic fascists in America begin their Great Purge (and the DS the Great Reset) of anyone who does not adhere to their decrees, and any and all republicans chv”s. But we still trust in Hashem to bring us into the Redemption.

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moshe said...

Amen! Like in Tehilim 20, where it states that they may have thelr chariots, etc., but we put our faith and trust in Hashem, the G-D of all Creation. Our return to Hashem and His Holy Torah is what will bring about all the cures for all the world's ills.