13 January 2021

Blood Vandalism in Jewish London Area – INSANITY IN ENGLAND

Shock in London as Jewish homes vandalized with red crosses painted in blood.  A number of houses on a London street were vandalized with crosses painted in what appears to be blood, The Algemeiner reports on Tuesday. https://www.algemeiner.com/2021/01/12/shock-as-jewish-homes-in-london-vandalized-with-red-crosses-painted-in-blood-defense-group-says/ 


“You can’t leave your house more than ONCE A WEEK”
(straight from China restrictions)


drbsd said...

Now nursing home here in Israel!

elisheva said...

Horrible, not shocking, unless you are asleep.

Takeaway: everyone should come, but the Jews most at risk, and highest priority are the children and young people from religious families. They do know that you voted for Trump. Send them immediately to your friends and family in Israel.

The rest:

Growing calls in media for Trump supporters to be 'reprogrammed'


Now they're talking about taking the children away from Trump supporters. A while ago, I wrote that there may be laws preventing people removing their children from the country, for their own good of course. In fact everything I wrote over the last two years ago has come to pass, that there may come a time when the police won't be there for you, mobs baying outside your home, difficulty getting a flight, that you should move your money, at least, because it might become hard to do so.

MacCarthyism/French Revolution style witchhunt is on its way.

At what point exactly are Jews going to wake up and start to take action? Even if only the Republican voters, there should be about 2 million Jews in the US clamouring to get on a plane. From my own circle, everyone I know in Israel has been begging their friends and family to make aliya for a while now, and yet almost no-one has. Same too, rabbis telling people to stay put, Jewish websites, articles, talkbacks, etc. all the same, deeply, deeply invested in "their" country, just praying that by some miracle Trump will win. And in these unprecedented times, when the number of times the word unprecedented has been used is unprecedented, more troops are being deployed for the inauguration than in Iraq or Afghanistan, because of the level of expected violence.

Neshama said...

Elisheva, its Nazi Germany all over again. Hashem wants something from all the Jews!

elisheva said...

Harvard, a reeducation camp for Trump supporters

Exactly, and would your hindsight advice to Jews back then to do tshuva, read Tehillim and do more chesed? These things are a given, but Yahadut is different from all other religions, in that it is a religion of this world and the next. We are supposed to take action. If for whatever reason you can't/won't get on the next plane out, at least send your children and young people to your friends and family in Israel immediately. It is no longer the USA, but what I call the New America, version dystopia. After Pittsburgnacht I wrote of the possibility of four things happening (no police, bully mobs, problems getting a flight and the urgency of transferring your money to Israel), received abuse for daring to state the, to me, obvious, but all did come to pass. A while ago I wrote of the possibility of not being able to remove your children from the country. And now I see talk of taking children away from families of Trump supporters and sending them to re-education camps.