06 January 2021

Aerial View DC Rally for TRUMP


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elisheva said...

Vayetzheh Yaakov ....see the rashi: when a tsadik leaves a place so does the bracha that he brought to it. Welcome home Jonathon. If 2020 was the year of US civil unrest, not yet a week into the new secular year and "American civil war 2021" is trending. The dollar at its lowest in decades, or more, (pollard = pol dollar, the fall of the dollar). Every period seems to have its catchphrase. The 2020s thus far is "unprecedented" and "unchartered territory" (meaning no-one has a clue what's going on). And as the pace of the chaos accelerates, the predicament of Jews in America is becoming ever more urgent.

Hashem Himself says in the Torah: hayipalei meHashem davar! Is anything too wondrous for Hashem! In any case, but especially anyone who needs chizuk in applied emuna, should follow Rav Brody's blog, emunabeams. If you speak Hebrew, look also for Rav Yigal Cohen, Rav Zisolholtz and many other Israeli rabbonim on youtube. This is the most important thing, to constantly affirm and internalise, Ein Od Milvado, and to know, truly know that Hashem is hakol yacho. Our job is to express our ratzon/will, let Hashem decide the results.

Someone commented about all the "decent" people in the US being protectd: 1. at a time of shmad, chalila, the good are destroyed with the wicked, and 2. how many "Torah decent" people are there in the US? ie they neither engage in or support the protected perversions, nor do they believe in any kind of shituf with Hashem, let alone the estimated 100 million missionisers and their supporters who would love nothing more than to destroy us spiritually, chalila. These are basic Bnei Noach Mitzvot.