25 January 2021

The Day After . . .

 . . . Biden was “sworn” in the WHO states that the number for the PCR Testing is too high and should be lowered. 

Watch the “Infection Rate” go down!

Democratic blue states open restaurants, INDOOR and outdoor, “Our economy needs to open! Say their governors”

Meanwhile the persecution of religious Jews in the world continues, with arrests and beatings for wanting to pray to HaShem, G–d of the entire universe. Arrested and beaten for wanting to keep the Torah on the lips of the devout! Closures of schools where the devout children study the ways of HaShem. Arrested and beaten for following the laws of the Torah. It is the Torah that “they” hate and want to erase!

Chased after to get a “shot” in the arm that takes many out of this world and into the next, and the remaining to eventually suffer untold symptoms.

Who(?) is building incarceration facilities (https://youtu.be/gafuuJg85Yg) in the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv? Ask Mayor Huldai.

Deception about a bio–weapon disguised to sicken and eliminate humanity followed by an “anti”-*dote [wiki: a medicine or other remedy for counteracting the effects of poison, disease, etc.] disguised to be more lethal than the disease. In time we will recognize the truth, always in hindsight. 

[“Stand in the cleft of the rock while I pass by and you will see the back of my tefillin  (hindsight revealed).  (paraphrased)]

G–D is the only Rofeh, and our Emuna and Bitachon is the only way.


*dote = wiki: dote-medicine/poison because they are took in dose. dose and dote are alike


ל.ל. said...


Everything is a smoke screen!

moshe said...

Why does it take way after the facts that the people first realize and get to understand what the truth is? What's wrong with humanity that even their instincts are not working and fall for the propaganda so easily? Think, in a way, people were a little smarter before 'materialism' took over with such speed and grandeur. Seems humanity stopped thinking and look where we're at now. The extent of the brainwashing in EY is out of control and all because of the Erev Rav at the helm! Treachery within is always the most dangerous!