19 January 2021

Miracles in Our Lives . . .

A Hidden Tzaddik teaches us how to have miracles in our lives and solve all of our problems

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elisheva said...

Neshama, please, please make a post of this video:

קיבוץ הגלויות החל! סיפור מרגש עד דמעות על עלייה לישראל במסירות נפש. יהודים עלו לארץ! לא הפסקתי לבכות

An inspiring story of how a Jewish woman made aliya during the seger, without a passport and other "necessary" documentation, also involving children from two marriages. Lots of obstacles on the way, but she decided what she wanted and moved forward with lots of emuna, yep she bought tickets even though she didn't have a passport, that is emuna, and Hashem opened shaarei shamayim for her.

Ms. AP said...

Beautiful!! Wish I had a way to find the words for this niggun in English and transliterated Hebrew. Ms. AP