12 January 2021

Beautiful Walk Around Jerusalem

 January 7 2020


elisheva said...

Rav Yaakov Meir is begging, nearly in tears, for Jews to leave America and come to Israel immediately.

המלחמה העולמית החלה. המהפכה הצבאית של טרמפ. הכל לפי נבואת יחזקאל ל, והסבר על הצפוי בהמשך.


With one week to do until inauguration day, if you are a Jew in America, gather a few essentials, your documents, gadgets, money etc and be ready to come to Israel on the next plane out. There are thousand of empty airbnb apartments available. At worst you have a holiday, at best you will be safe when the mayhem ensues.

Disagree if you will, but please no snarky comments. At the time of the Pittsburgh attack, I said that it was a turning point, predicted the breakdown of law and order and that there might be a time in the future when it would be difficult to get a flight out, and that it was time to plan your aliyah. Now is the time to get up and leave.

moshe said...

Wanted to see something uplifting. But disappointed in this new look to our holy City. Very unJewish and very cold looking. I just went through a little less than 1/2 of the video and will continue later to watch the rest. Truth is only our Goel Tzedek will be able to help us.

Neshama said...

Don’t get down, I’ll find a nicer “video Walking Tour”. Actually he goes through the old quaint area in the Nachlaot et al on the other side of the shuk which has so much charm.
I commented to my husband that they build these apt complexes which are so divorced from the “LIFE” of Jerusalem, and one needs a car to get into and out of these places. Personally, I like the old red roofed housing areas, such as between Betzalel and the Shuk where the “unconventional” live. That’s why people move to the Old City because homes are close to one another, and very close to the Kotel.

Ms. H said...

And for me being in Chutz L'Aretz and wishing wishing wising to be able to walk and be in E"Y - even this video was more than enough to intensify the intense yearning that already exists

Neshama said...

I'll try to post more of these, so you can see how beautiful Eretz Yisrael is.

Neshama said...

Mrs H, remember you are where your mind is!