15 January 2021

ALERT: Apple Wants to Delete Telegram app from iPhones

ALERT: Don’t let Apple control your digital life Apple wants to delete Telegram app from people’s iPhones – here’s how to stop it

None of this is pleasing to Apple, which thrives on censorship and keeping people in the dark about all things related to truth.

While we cannot yet confirm if Apple has full capacity to remove the Telegram app remotely, we can say that there is a way to prevent that from happening should it turn out to be true.

If you use an Apple device, the following instructions will ensure that Apple does not remove Telegram or any other app from your smartphone without your expressed permission:

• Go to “Settings”

• Press “Screen Time”

• Select “Content & Privacy Restrictions”

• Activate the button at the top right corner

• Select “iTunes & App Store Purchases”

• Make sure the “Deleting Apps” option is set to “Don’t Allow”

If you are like this writer, you probably did not even know this hidden menu existed. This is how the tech giants love to operate, by the way, as they insert hidden selections by default that allow them to control your device without you even knowing it.

Rumors are also circulating that the latest Apple iOS update could disengage your phone’s ability to pick up emergency messages from President Donald Trump. Your safest bet is to turn off automatic updates and refuse all prompts telling you that it is time to “update” your phone to the latest software.

If your iPhone continues to prompt you to download the latest iOS against your will, you can shut that “feature” off by doing the following:

• Go to “Settings”

• Press “iTunes & App Store”

• Under “Automatic Downloads,” set slider to off position

If your phone has already downloaded the latest update on its own, you will need to delete it. You can do so by performing the following:

• Go to “Settings”

• Press “General”

• Select “iPhone Storage”

• Scroll down and select “iOS (version)”

• Select “Delete Update”

Once the update is deleted and automatic updates are turned off, you should no longer be prompted (more like nagged) to download the latest Apple updates.

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